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The Search Technology

Our holiday search, enquiry and book technology places on your site the best search available in the travel industry. It is as good as that offered by all of the big OTA’s. It’s fast, its accurate and it will enhance customer experience and improve conversion.

Ultimate Search

Our industry leading superfast cache search lets your customers search for a holiday without the need to specify the destination, departure airport or departure date.

Backed up by a great range of flights, accommodation suppliers and transfer suppliers, this really is the ultimate holiday search. Customer generated enquiries will drop straight into your linked enquiry system and you'll be notified by email and text message. 

Your Own Search

Have your very own dynamic package search that is as good as the biggest online travel agents to generate real enquiries and online bookings for you. The suppliers are handpicked by you from our wide selection of integrated suppliers.

Pricing Updates throughout the Day

Our holiday search has been built so that the deals available are always up to date. Not only do we refresh the data during the day, but in addition, every time a deal is searched on our system the price for that flight, hotel and transfer is also updated in realtime.

TripAdvisor Filters

Each hotel has, if available, the TripAdvisor rating and your customers can not only sort but also see the latest reviews from TripAdvisor for their chosen property. *This option requires approval for your site by Tripadvisor.

365 Day + Pricing Grid

What better way for your customers to get the best deal for their chosen hotel than by using our Hotel Holiday price grid.

Search by month and individual days to see the availability and price of the selected hotel (combined with the lead in flight price) for the next 365 days and beyond. 

Saved Hotels

A fantastic feature to allow your customers to save hotels to a favourites page that they can revisit, re-search or just keep a top 10 of hotels they want to visit on their future holidays. By clicking on a hotel within the page, the customer can repeat the updated search.

Previous Searches

To help your customers we save the previous customer searches within their cookies so next time they visit your site, they can just click on their previous search. This not only saves time, but adds to the customer experience.

Interactive Google Maps

Our Google Maps functionality gives the user accurate information as to where their preferred hotel is in relation to the beach, main strip and other landmarks.  

Add Luggage

Using our technology we have added fully customisable luggage one onboard options within the journey to let your customer add to their basket. Not only luggage but also pre-booked seats and party together options are all available for the customer to select.

Transfers Included

Once people arrive at the airport they have to get to the hotel, so we have built the technology to always build in the cheapest transfer into the holiday price, where the transfer is available. Should the customer wish to upgrade to a private or choose a car hire, this can all be amended in the travel extras section of their search.

Car Hire Included

We have worked with our car hire partner Flexible Autos to bring a range of car hire options to the holiday search journey. This can often work out cheaper for bigger bookings than either private transfers or shuttle transfers, also adding additional flexibility during the holiday. We have it covered, where available, we always give the customer the option in search.

Mixed Flight Providers

Our mixed flight functionality allows your customers to view the cheapest and most convenient flight combinations, regardless of the carrier.

This feature gives the customer greater choice and can often generate significant savings.

Suppliers in Search

This is just a small selection of the comprehensive range of suppliers and partners that you can have within your holiday search, making sure that you always offer the customer the best deal available.

See all suppliers 

Top Deals

Pick your 10 favourite deals and save them to your top deals page. They can appear on your homepage in a banner but also on your dedicated top deals page that you can then share with your customers.

Custom Deal Creator

Create your own deals from suppliers outside of our standard search results.

You select the images, description and details and then post to your website. These deals can also be shared on your social channels or by email.

No Back Office Integration

Enquiries or online bookings can be handed off to your current back office. Our platform is independent of your back office.


We have built a deposit system that enables you to create bespoke deposits for your system with the ability to manage the deposit amount but also the full balance collection date. This can be altered real time.


We work closely with TTI and subject to you agreeing a licence agreement with TTI we have the ability to add hotels to your product range.

Errata Information

Our system allows you to present errata information for the flight, hotel and transfer at the appropriate part of the search and book journey. The display off this information is controllable by you.

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