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About Holiday Webtech

Holiday Webtech was established in 2020 as a web solution for Online Travel Agents, but without the hefty price tag of other UK website providers. 

Holiday Webtech's systems mean that our travel agents are assured of travel digital solution that suits them, is innovative, offers first-class service and, above all, offers great value for money.

We have worked with some of the big names in travel technology and have spent the last 10 years developing our own solution to challenge the established technology solutions for leisure travel companies.

We are based in our head office in Media Exchange, in the heart of Newcastle’s Ouseburn Area.

Meet The Team

Seamus Conlon


Following a successful career in the travel industry involving high profile management roles at Airtours and TV Travel Shop, Seamus launched and successfully developed, recognised as one of the UK’s leading specialist cruise businesses. Seamus successfully sealed a £52m private equity deal after pioneering innovative social media communities from which cruise and tour product produced turnover in excess of £210m.

Martin Jones

Managing Director

Martin has over twenty years experience in the travel industry, running travel websites that have transacted tens of millions of pounds. As the industry changes to a digital age we've decided to share our knowledge and technology to help the whole industry move on.

Jason Hedges

Technical Director

Jason spearheads our technical development and has over 15 years experience building websites in the travel industry. From supplier integration to payment gateways, there is very little that Jason can’t turn his expert developer mind to.

Gary Musgrave

Product & Mapping Manager

10 years of experience of working at the business end of travel websites ensures that Gary is the ideal man to rubber stamp the perfect online delivery of our hotel, flight and ancillary products. Whether it’s price testing, picture mapping, errata identification or just general troubleshooting, Gary is where the buck stops. A details man through and through!

Alison Hughes

Financial Controller

Every company needs a friendly face to ensure that the financial wheels are turning fast enough, and we are lucky to have Alison right on top of all of this for Holiday Webtech. 

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