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Our superfastOTA option provides travel agencies with a broad range of products and selling tools at a market leading price

Key Features

Ultimate Search

Our industry leading superfast cache search lets your customers search for a holiday without the need to specify the destination, departure airport or departure date.

Backed up by a great range of flights, accommodation suppliers and transfer suppliers, this really is the ultimate holiday search. Customer generated enquiries will drop straight into your linked enquiry system and you'll be notified by email and text message. 

Holiday GigaSearch

Holiday GigaSearch is our unique, quick fire, cheapest holiday search tool to allow your customers to search at destination level by month, board and duration across all of the deals contained in our 1.5tb cache. 

GigaSearch is the ultimate reference point for you and your customers when you need to get an idea of lead in prices without having to perform multiple searches.

365 Day + Pricing Grid

What better way for your customers to get the best deal for their chosen hotel than by using our Hotel Holiday price grid.

Search by month and individual days to see the availability and price of the selected hotel (combined with the lead in flight price) for the next 365 days and beyond. 

Mixed Flight Providers

Our mixed flight functionality allows your customers to view the cheapest and most convenient flight combinations, regardless of the carrier.

This feature gives the customer greater choice and can often generate significant savings.

CRM - Enquiries in one place

Respond to customer enquiries in real time.

All enquiries generated by your website will automatically display in the portal. Offline enquiries can also be added manually into the same system.

Social Media Sharing

Share your hand picked holiday deals to Instagram and Facebook as well as integrating your social feeds within your own website. 

All your social media posts will display on site giving your homepage a uniquely current and fresh look.

Email Integration

We have integrated Mailchimp into our portal, allowing you to grow your client database with signs ups direct from the site.

Seamlessly create your email marketing campaigns with deals chosen from your site, or customised deals (see below).

Weather Data

Our weather data gives customers insights into current weather conditions in their chosen holiday resorts as well as average monthly temperatures. 

Available for Beach, City and Ski resorts, this is a valuable tool in pushing customers down the booking funnel.

Custom Deal Creator

Create your own deals from suppliers outside of our standard search results.

You select the images, description and details and then post to your website. These deals can also be shared on your social channels or by email.


We can aggregate reviews from Facebook and Google to appear on your site.

Our partnership with TrustedTrip, the travel review platform, gives your customers access to resort and hotel reviews. 

Interactive Google Maps

Our Google Maps functionality gives the user accurate information as to where their preferred hotel is in relation to the beach, main strip and other landmarks.  

Margin & Discount Tools

You will have full control over the margin you display.

You can also run promotions offering your customers exclusive discount codes.

Ongoing Support

You will be assigned an account manager to help guide you through the set up process and in the unlikely event of any issues you may have further down the line.

Fully Responsive

Your site will be fully responsive. 

Users can enjoy your site equally on both desktop and mobile.

Hosting & Analytics

Your site will be fully hosted at no additional cost.

We also provide access to an analytics dashboard to give you insight into your website performance.