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Providing you with the opportunity to have a high quality travel website, with industry leading dynamic packaging and search technology as powerful as the biggest and best OTA’s

Our system is built to make you better at what you do, to give you the best search technology, the best website, so your customers see you as a true travel industry professional.

Your Website - Your Domain Name

This is all about you, personalise your site as much as you can. Colours can be changed, layout adjusted and many options can be selected making each site unique. Your website, your domain, your phone number, your email, your pictures, your colours, your choice. The more you personalise, the more it will be recognised as your site and your business.

Ultimate Search

Our industry leading Ultimate Search lets your customers search for a holiday without the need to specify the destination, departure airport or departure date. They really can search for the best holiday deal across all destinations in only one search. Backed up by a great range of flights, accommodation suppliers and transfer suppliers, it really is the ultimate holiday search. When the customer presses enquire, the lead will be dropped into your enquiry system and you will be sent an email to your existing email and text message to your mobile number.

Your Own Search

Have your very own dynamic package search that is as good as the biggest online travel agents to generate real enquiries and online bookings for you. The suppliers are handpicked by you from our wide selection of integrated suppliers. You can choose one bedbank supplier to be included.

Holiday GigaSearch

Holiday GigaSearch is our unique, quick fire, cheapest holiday search tool to allow your customers to search by month, board, duration across all of the deals contained in our unique search system. It’s called Giga because it is the fastest and most unique way to search for a cheap holiday. Unlock all aspects of the GigaSearch with our Gold level package.

Social Media Sharing

Share your hand picked holiday deals to instagram and facebook as well as integrating your instagram and facebook feeds within your own website. This will display on your site all your latest social media posts.

Top Deals

Pick your 10 favourite deals and save them to your top deals page. They will appear on your homepage in a banner but also on your dedicated top deals page that you can then share with your customers.

Hand Picked Deals

Our search on your site, gives you the option to select deals within the search to show on your homepage and top deals page. In addition to this we are giving you more flexibility to create your own deals from suppliers outside of the DP search, so cruises, escorted tours, Uk Breaks, whatever your customers choose. You select the images, description and details and then post to your website. These deals can also be shared on social or email.

Facebook Messenger Chat

We have integrated a chat function into the site with Facebook Messenger, which means that your customers can, from your website, contact you with any questions or queries about the holidays and deals on your site. This is a function of our Silver and Gold sites and will really benefit your customers.

Full Hosted / Cookie Policy

We take care of all the details, not only is your site hosted securely but we also take care of the important cookie and price you policy that has to be featured on your website to make sure that you tick all of the boxes.

Facebook Reviews

What better way than to show your new customers how good your existing customers think you are. By integrating your facebook reviews you can increase your customer numbers and show off all those 5 star reviews.

ALL Enquiries, Straight to You

Respond to customer enquiries straight away. To ensure you don't miss any holiday enquiries or search requests you will be alerted by email to your existing email and text message to your mobile number.

Responsive Secure Websites

All Holiday Webtech websites are "Responsive" and SSL secure. In short, this means that the website will adapt its size, look and shape to give the best customer experience on any device and is completely safe while displaying the secure padlock in the address bar to give your customer peace of mind.

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